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Welcome to Robot Pharmer, the epitome of premium cannabis culture rooted in the heart of Tulsa, Oklahoma

Our passion for flower starts with a meticulous selection process that combines a relentless search for only the best genetics, directly from their sources, with a deep respect for the history of each strain, resulting in top-tier cannabis that epitomizes quality. Explore our curated selection of rare and highly sought after strains, each grown with extreme precision and care. At Robot Pharmer, we take pride in delivering the absolute best flower in Oklahoma that will impress even the most refined cannabis connoisseurs. 


Join us on a journey of unrivaled quality and embrace the essence of Robot Pharmer's exceptional cannabis.

Fuzed Vape Cartridge

Witness the sensation that is Fuzed, the epitome of convenience, discretion, and flavor in cannabis vaping! This disposable, fruit-flavored vape is a symphony of exquisite tastes crafted to tantalize your senses. From the first inhale, experience the perfect fusion of premium cannabis and luscious fruit flavors, all conveniently packed into a fun, sleek, and perfectly discreet device.

With Fuzed, there's no need to compromise – indulge in the rich essence of ripe fruits and candies with each delicious puff. Whether you're a seasoned connoisseur or a curious explorer, Fuzed promises a hassle-free, on-the-go experience that doesn't sacrifice quality for novelty.

 Discover the pleasure of Fuzed, your ultimate disposable cannabis vape for a tasty escape!

CO2 Vape Cartridge

Robot Pharmer's premium Full Spectrum C02 Vape Cart – a true testament to the intersection of cutting-edge technology and the purity of nature.


Using the unparalleled quality of CO2 extraction, we ensure a clean, potent, and authentic cannabis experience.

Our meticulously crafted carts capture the full spectrum of cannabinoids, delivering the perfect blend of therapeutic benefits and robust, natural flavors.


Taste the difference as you inhale the essence of our carefully cultivated cannabis, expertly extracted to preserve the plant's truest form.

At Robot Pharmer, we're not just cultivating cannabis; we're pioneering a new era of excellence. Join us on this journey where innovation and nature converge in a cartridge that goes beyond expectations. 

Flower Pre-Rolls & Hash Rolls

Elevate your smoking experience, and yourself, with premium pre-rolls, meticulously crafted by Robot Pharmer. Immerse yourself in pure cannabis pleasure as our top-shelf pre-rolls contain only the finest flower – no trim, no compromise.

You'll see the difference as you ignite our hand-rolled masterpieces, each packed with the most exquisite, hand-selected buds. At Robot Pharmer, we believe in delivering a smoking sensation that transcends the ordinary. Our commitment to using only the highest quality flower ensures a smooth, flavorful, and euphoria-inducing journey with every hit.

Then prepare to indulge in a smoking experience like never before!

Robot Pharmer Hash Rolls - where the delicate marriage of our curated strains and our premium ice-water bubble-hash takes your taste buds and your senses on a captivating adventure. At Robot Pharmer, we demand excellence, thus ensuring that every hash-roll is a testament to purity, potency, and sophistication.


Robot Pharmer Gummies are passionately crafted using nano-emulsification technology, breaking down cannabinoids into tiny, highly absorbable particles. This cutting-edge process ensures not only exceptional bioavailability, especially for those that struggle to break down regular edibles, but also a much faster onset of effects. Less waiting = more fun!

Savor the fusion of technology and flavor with our delectable assortment of gummies, available in Green Apple, Peach, Grape, Watermelon, and Cherry Lime, and available from 10mg all the way up to 500mg per gummy!

Each bite is a burst of flavor and quality, and a testament to our commitment to excellence. The nano-emulsified formula allows for a much more efficient absorption of cannabinoids, providing a consistently delightful and effective experience.


Our meticulously crafted tinctures redefine the balance between enjoyment and therapeutic benefits.


Using cutting-edge nano-emulsification technology, Robot Pharmer brings you a tincture experience that seamlessly blends the realms of fun and medicine.

Designed for both recreational enjoyment and therapeutic use, these liquid wonders promise a rapid onset of effects and superior bioavailability. Robot Pharmer's Nano-Emulsified Live Resin Tinctures offer an extremely effective and versatile way to elevate your mood while experiencing the incredible medicinal benefits of cannabinoids.

Medicate any drink in seconds, and once the tincture is stirred, it is evenly dispersed with no chance of settling or rising.

Whether you're seeking relaxation or a touch of euphoria, our tinctures cater to your desires. Robot Pharmer invites you to enjoy the harmonious convergence of bliss and wellness. Elevate your existence – because our tinctures are not just medicine; they're a celebration of the joy that cannabinoids can bring!


Our premium elixirs offer a fresh take on the cannabis experience, offering a fast-acting and highly absorbable solution for both recreational and therapeutic users.


With a commitment to precision, our nano-emulsified formula ensures the efficient delivery of cannabinoids, providing a consistent and delightful journey with every drop.

Drink it straight from the bottle, or use it to take your favorite beverage up to the next level! 

Robot Pharmer's Nano-Emulsified Live Resin Elixirs are not just a product; they're an invitation to savor the convergence of innovation and indulgence.

Elevate your moments with Robot Pharmer Elixirs, because it's not just about cannabis; it's about experiencing cannabis at its pinnacle.


Extracted from the finest, hand-selected flower grown by Robot Pharmer, our concentrates truly stand out in the world of cannabis.


From cultivation to extraction, every step of the process is executed with meticulous care, ensuring that only the highest quality material contributes to our premium concentrates.

Indulge your senses as our concentrates capture the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes, delivering an aromatic and potent experience. If you enjoy the purity of live resins, sugars, and diamonds, Robot Pharmer's concentrates embody the essence of our premium flower, providing a concentrated expression of its exceptional qualities.

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